Life Giving Thoughts!

To make you loved, dear Jesus, that is everything for me! I only think of that!
Spiritual Journal, 17 October, 1962

To bring or bring back to Christ: everything is there. Everything else is for that! rnet spirit
Spiritual Journal, 30 September, 1962

Just ONE thing is necessary, Jesus told me, and it's our sanctification! You see in marriage A MEANS of sanctification being TWO, according to the divine plan. Life companions on earth so as to climb even easier towards Him, and in Him, during all eternity continue to be companions in eternity having been so already on earth.
Letter to Edouard Gardner, 7 May, 1948

We remember the slogan that came out of a weekly meeting: "MORE we do, MORE we want to do and LESS it weighs on us... and so, LESS we do, LESS we want to do and MORE it weighs!"
Faits & Nouvelles, November 1955

What is beautiful is a reflection of God!
Spiritual Journal, 2 September, 1962

Let's continue to make the MOST good possible to the greatest number possible in the least time possible!
Letter to Reginald Gardner, 10 June, 1946

May our prayers be short! There are moments when they must be prolonged... But we have to be like the captain of a ship that does not always have his eyes glued to the compass... but looks at it often... and almost always has an eye on it... Finally, to live in the holy presence of God. Never alone!

Spiritual Journal, 4 October, 1962


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