Chronology of Father Henri Roy's Life


8 September   Birth of Henri Roy in Lewiston, Maine, USA.
9 September   Baptism in Saint Peter and Saint Paul's church, in Lewiston, Maine.
1904-1910   Primary school at St Peter's Academy, with the Marist Brothers.
15 May   Confirmation in St Peter's church in Montreal.
1913   Three months studies at Juniorate of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.
19 July   First closed retreat at the Novitiate of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate in Lachine Locks, Montreal.
1915-1920   Henri is on the work place :
• delivery man for a Montreal pharmacy;
• office worker for the construction company Webster & Sons, Montreal.
13 January   Henri particpates at the study congress of Friends of Le Devoir with Henri Bourassa. Bourassa was journalist founder of Le Devoir and a politician.
1920-1923   High school studies at the Seminary for Late Vocations in Saint Victor de Beauce.
29 July   Enters the Novitiate of the Oblates in Ville Lasalle.
1 August   Takes on the habit with the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.
12 November   Death of his mother, Joséphine.
20 March   Meeting with Brother André at St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal. Brother André was canonized in October 2010.
2 August   First vows with the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.
1924-1929   Studies at the Scholasticate of the Oblates in Ottawa.
1925   Bachelor in Philosophy, in Ottawa.
18 December   Henri receives the minor orders I at the cathedral in Ottawa.
16 June   Henri receives the minor orders II in Holy Family church in Ottawa.
8 September   Perpetual vows with the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, in Ottawa.
2 June   Ordination to the sub-diaconate in Ottawa.
22 September   Ordination to the diaconate in Ottawa.
25 May   Henri is ordained a priest at the Ottawa cathedral, by Archbishop Guillaume Forbes.
June   Nomination to the Juniorate of the Oblates in Chambly-Bassin.
September   • Henri founds the magazine L'Apostolat des Oblats de Marie Immaculée.
• First contacts with the YCW (Young Catholic Workers) movement in Montreal.
1931   Meeting with canon Joseph Cardijn, founder of the YCW and Bishop Georges Gauthier, bishop of Montreal.
20 September   Henri establishes the first section of the YCWF (Young Catholic Workers Feminine) in St Alphonsus of Youville parish in Montreal.
November   Henri establishes the first YCW section for young men in St Peter's parish in Montreal.
19 November   Departure for a studies trip in Europe (till 23 April, 1932).
December   The first edition of the newspaper La Jeune Ouvrière in Montreal.
24 February   Private audience with Pope Pius XI in Rome.
16 April   Death of his father, Théophile.
23 April   Return from Europe.
April   Henri publishes his book Un problème et une solution.
1935   Henri establishes the Society for the Roman Catholic Propaganda of the Bible.
February   Henri publishes Faites ça et vous vivrez, the four Gospels in one.
13-14 July   • First general congress of the YCW in Canada, at the Montreal Forum. 15000 youth participate. 
• The Jocist Services are organized.
• Henri travels to Europe to participate in the first international congress of the YCW.
• Private audience with Pope Pius XI in Rome.
1937   The provincial government of Quebec entrusts the leisure activities to Fahter Roy and the YCW.
23 July   • Second general congress of the Canadian YCW in Montreal.
• Celebration of the 100 Marriages in Delormier Stadium and St-Helen Island in Montreal, with the participation of 20,000 people.
18 August   Departure for Europe.
14 October   Private audience with Pope Pius XII in Rome.
4 November   Henri is replaced as general chaplain of the Canadian YCW.
November   • Henri arrives in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, to develop the YCW in that region.
• Henri meets young collaboratores who will become the first members of the Pius X Secular Institute.
1940-1944   Henri organizes and develops the YCW in New England.
26 November   Henri leaves Manchester, NH.
September to December   Trip to western Canada and western and southern USA to see the development of YCW.
15 October   Henri participates in the celebratoin of the crowning of Our Lady of Guadelupe in Mexico.
19 February   Henri resides at the the Oblates' House in Rouyn (Quebec) till August.
4 February   Henri resides in Kapuskasing (Ontario) à Kapuskasing, Ontario, at the Oblates' House till the start of August.
4 August   Henri is transferred to the Oblates' House in Quebec City, in Holy Redeemer parish.
September   A few young men of New England join up with him in Quebec with the objective to launch a new institute of consecrated life.
28 September   Henri travels to Europe.
23 February   Return from Europe.
25 March   Approval of the Catholic Mesengers of the Bible by the Quebec bishops.
1953   Publication of the first biblical calendar Guide de lecture de la Bible.
3 March   Henri travels to Cuba with a few Pius X Secular Institute members.
9 September   Opening of the Saint Pius X Seminary for late vocations in Sherbrooke.
8 December   Canonical erection of the Pius X Secular Institute as an institute of diocesan right.
January   Henri publishes Je Crois, a popular Catholic magazine.
13 July   Henri travels to Europe.
August   Private audience with Pope John XXIII.
22 August   Henri is canonically transferred from the Oblates of Mary Immaculate to the Pius X Secular Institute and pronounces his perpetual vows in Rome.
3-11 August   Henri travels to Peru and Mêxico.
1 September   Henri travels to Switzerland.
October   Meeting with Father Marie-Eugène de l'Enfant-Jésus, founder of Our Lady of Life Secular Institute in Venasque, France.
October   Henri launches La Rencontre movement with Pius X Secular Institute members.
15 February   Bishop Maurice Roy, Archbishop of Quebec and first cousin of Henri, and becomes a cardinal. Father Roy accompanies him to Rome.
16 June   Henri dies at Hôtel-Dieu Hospital in Quebec.
19 June   Funeral mass at the Quebec basilica, presided by Cardinal Maurice Roy.
8 September   Fahter Roy's casket is transferre to the crypt at La Maison du Renouveau in Charlesbourg.


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