The Difference Between Consecrated and Associate Members: A Question of Commitment!

The difference between the consecrated and associate members can be found in the form of commitment and not according to the mission that is lived out.

Consecrated members dedicate their life to God to live out the mission professing the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience. Through this consecration, a true covenant of love is established between God and the member. In this covenant, God promises to be faithful to the member and he, in turn, answers the call with generosity. Consecrated members are “the heart of the Pius X Secular Institute”.

Associate members, having felt the call to love God more fully, fulfill this call through a commitment in which they express their desire to live the mission according to the spirit of the evangelical counsels. This commitment helps the associate single laypersons and priests as well as the associate married couples to journey towards holiness to which all are called.


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