A Definition Encountered in Life Itself!

During many years, the Pius X Secular Institute members tried to put words on their spiritual identity. In time, through a discernment process, they have finally been able to achieve a this work, finding a definition in which all members — consecrated and associate — are able to recognize themselves. 

It’s a long and exacting job that must be continually be recasted. Through meetings, exchanges, discussions, we have defined five points which manifest our concrete way to live in the world and in the Church.

The Five Major Points of our Spiritual Identity:

• A personal encounter with Jesus Christ, Savior and Apostle;

• A desire to make Jesus Christ known through an intense apostolic zeal;

• A need for a total giving of oneself that takes the whole person in the service of Jesus Christ;

• An apostolic mission that gives the concern to reach the working classes, especially the little and the poor, so that Jesus be better known, loved and served;

• An apostolic spirituality that nourishes a whole life in the service of Jesus Christ.

In an attempt to more clearly define our spiritual identity, these five points are developed more extensively in the document Our Spiritual Identity. May this document be a source of inspiration so that the Pius X Secular Institute vocation and mission be better known and thus better lived.


A recognized Catholic spiritual family with a mission rooted firmly in the needs of today's world and the new evangelization.

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