“My Parish is the World!”

There are Institute members living in Canada, the United States, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Spain. Members live out the mission dedicating themselves in various fields: medical field, education, community work, business, apostolic works, pastoral ministry, prison work, etc., but always having a special attention for the poorest. Where mankind is found, a Pius X Secular Institute member can be found to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel.

Members meet as a team on a weekly basis around the person of Jesus to listen to Him, pray together and share on their apostolic and spiritual life. These meetings, centered on the meditation of the Word of God, is the place where our Family spirit grows and where everyone can become enthusiastic for the apostolate that is being realized.

In Canada, there are teams in the province of Quebec in different regions: Quebec City, Montreal, Beauce, Saguenay and Lac St-Jean. Furthermore, there is a team in the Windsor (Ontario) region.

In the United States, there are teams in the Manchester (New Hampshire) region.

In Colombia, there are members living in Popayán and Bogotá.

In Guatemala, consecrated and associate members are present in the areas of Guatemala Ciudad, Jalapa, Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango.

In Honduras, the Pius X Secular Institute has a presence in Tegucigalpa.

In Nicaragua, a member lives in Managua

In Venezuela, a consecrated lay member lives in Merida.

In Spain, an associate couple lives in Madrid.


A recognized Catholic spiritual family with a mission rooted firmly in the needs of today's world and the new evangelization.

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