Third American Congress for the Pius X Secular Institute

In December 2013, members of the Pius X Secular Institute present in Guatemala organized in Jalapa the first American Congress of the Pius X Secular Institute. The Family was taking its first steps in this Central American country... but the inner fire of the members and their thirst to better know the Institute were the launching point for this first Congress. The meeting had the objective to deepen the knowledge of our Family's identity and mission and to gather together members from different countries.

During this first Congress, a decision was taken to renew the experience every two years. The region of Colombia in South America took up the challenge and organized the second edition of our American Congress in December 2015. It was quite a success with particiants from Canada, the United States, Guatemala and Colombia!

It is now Canada's turn to organize this experience in North America. The 3rd American Congress of the Pius X Secular Institute will allow us to realize how the mission is lived with different cultural accents, to discern the "walking together" that these accents require and to act concretely so as to better live the mission as we follow Jesus!

So mark your calendars as we gather at the Maison du Renouveau! Reserve the weekend of December 8-9-10 2017 on your schedule! It's a unique occasion to live a time of encounters, to share moments of formation and to deepen our commitment to the mission. It will of course be a place to get a hands-on knowledge of the different accents of our Family that is becoming more and more international.

"My parish is the world!" would repeat Father Henri Roy, the founder of our Apostolic Family. May this 3rd American Congress allow us to abundantly sow the Gospel so that Jesus may be better known, loved and served!

Marcel Caron, ispx
General Director


Yes to the Gospel! Yes to the Poor and the Lowly! Yes to the Mission!


From June 23rd through June 28th 2015 in Quebec City, 27 delegates of the Pius X Secular Institute from 5 different countries met in the Maison du Renouveau to live the 2015 General Assembly. It was a grace-filled moment to listen “hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Rev 2:7).

Among the characteristic traits of the Pius X Secular Institute, we find joy and Family spirit. It’s under that light that deliberations and exchanges were held. In an honest quest for truth and the will of God on the different matters put forth, the General Assembly let itself be inspired by its founder, Father Henri Roy, to receive a audacious and prophetic wind of renewal that will mark the coming years.

The presence of consecrated and associate members from Colombia, Guatemala and Venezuela brought youth and novelty with Latino rhythms to our Family. The internationalization of the Pius X Secular Institute was more concretely felt by the presence of these men who carry the same spirit and zeal for the evangelization of today’s world.

Seven (7) resolutions were adopted by the General Assembly. Among these, we find The Family: A Key Aspect for the Mission, The Vocation: A Priority to Develop and Our Means of Communication: A Necessary Adaptation. It is not only the General Council’s efforts that will allow these resolutions to be put into practice. Each member is called to live out a joint responsibility; concrete occasions are given to us as we work to implement these resolutions.

After consulting with the members elected to the General Council, I have appointed the different responsibilities among them. These nominations may be surprising, but I believe the mark a new beginning for the Pius X Secular Institute. The new General Council is composed of:

  • Father Marcel Caron, director general
  • Mr. Michel Paquet, assistant director general
  • Mr. Claude Beauchemin, administrator
  • Mrs. Ginette Larose, secretary general
  • Father Réjean Langlais, councillor
  • Mr. Miguel Ángel Avendaño Toledo, councillor
  • Mr. Guy Brodeur, councillor

Miguel Ángel Avendaño Toledo will also assume the task of territorial director for Latin America. Every General Council member undertakes this new responsibility with one desire: to be at the service of the Family so that the mission can be accomplished every day. A new chapter opens for the Pius X Secular Institute Family! A wind of renewal is upon us! Together, day by day, we will give a new answer to the call we have received! Yes to the Gospel! Yes to the poor and the lowly! Yes to the mission!

Fr. Marcel Caron, ispx
Director general



"Soyez révolutionnaires !" - Une commande papale

Le pape a rencontré les participants à la rencontre organisée par la Conférence Italienne des Instituts séculiers, le 10 mai 2014, au Vatican. Voici le texte de son allocution livrée avec le cœur!
J'ai écrit un discours pour vous, mais aujourd'hui il s'est passé quelque chose. C'est de ma faute parce que j'ai donné deux audiences, je ne dis pas en même temps, mais presque. A cause de cela j'ai préféré vous confier le texte du discours, parce que vous le lire est ennuyeux, et vous dire deux ou trois petites choses qui peut-être vous aideront.


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