In memoriam: Lady Solano Muskus

Ladymith Auxiliadora del Socorro Solano Muskus was born in Sahagún (Córdoba, Colombia) on November 10, 1943. A few days after her 80th birthday, on the feast day of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, November 27, she surrendered herself to the merciful love of the Father she loved so much in life.

Lady worked as a librarian in Popayán for many years in the INEM and San José de Tarbes schools. In this way she had a great influence on the lives of generations and generations of young people in the Popayán, the capital city of Cauca.

Lady got to know the Pius X Secular Institute in the early 70’s, collaborating in the mission of caring for and accompanying the poor and needy with the consecrated layman Marc Labbé. Along with other members of the youth group Viva la gente, she was an important part of this ministry for many years. In this context, she met a newborn girl, Maria Rosa, whom she then adopted.

When the Pius X Secular Institute opened the possibility of a branch for consecrated women, Lady answered the call she had carried in her heart for such a long time. Even before the figure of the consecrated lay woman existed in our apostolic Family, Lady lived this prophetic presence in the world. She easily took the step to become the first consecrated woman member in Colombia.

Although the last years were the most difficult due to her physical health, she continued to inspire so many people with her smile and joy, with her service and solidarity, with her laughter and dancing, with her faith and intimacy with God and even with her anxieties and anguish.

All the members of the Colombia region have a personal testimony to share; I present a few lines to remember our dear Lady.

Lady, a Woman of Faith and Joy – Alexander Buendía (Popayán)

Lady Solano Muskus, was a woman full of joy and deep faith. She leaves an indelible mark on all of us who had the privilege of knowing her. Her vocation as a consecrated woman was more than a choice; it was a daily commitment of service and love for her neighbor. Her devotion to the manger and her constant attention to the children revealed her compassionate heart and spiritual connection. From the earliest days of the Institute in Colombia, Lady embraced it with a love that only grew with time, to the point of becoming, years later, the first consecrated woman in our region. Her legacy lives on in the memory of her apostolic dedication and in the inspiration she offers to all those who had the good fortune to walk with her. Lady has gone to meet the Father. He will undoubtedly welcome her with open and merciful arms and invite her to be part of his dwelling place. Her departure leaves a void, but her light continues to shine in the memory of those of us who were touched by her love and generosity.

Lady, a Woman of “Whispers of Love” – Father Miguel Angel Avendaño (Guatemala)

Our meetings, dear Lady, were on Wednesdays. Days of listening, reflection and prayer, of much light and shadows.

While you were again arranging the files of the members of the region, you made a tour of your life. I did not forget one of your comments “Ah, for my first communion my mother sewed me my dress. A white dress, unique. She made it for me with so much love” and as you said it, your eyes shone with gratitude from a short and deep silence. So many times you said it and repeated it that I imagined you. It was an event that marked your life and faith.

I am certain in my heart that today your mother came out to meet you and with her our dear Jesus.

One day we will finish your story … And we will see each other again. Thank you for so much!

Lady, a Woman of Small and Great Details – By Sulgenis Bautista (Popayán)

The one from Sahagún, the vallenato and the arepa ‘e huevo.
The joyful consecrated, a lover of Christmas and devoted to the Virgin Mary.
She was the one who always remembered your birthday and recommended you in her prayers.
Grandma Lady, for the little ones.
The one who always wanted to serve, pick up, clean and help.
One of the most generous women we have ever known.
Lady, your memory will live on in our hearts.

Lady, a Woman of Service – By Rubi Rendón (Popayán)

Life in essence is fleeting, but there are people who impress and leave their trace, and you, dear friend, you left your mark. Your life premise was to serve with love without expecting anything in return. You dedicated your soul, life and heart to serve your neighbor, the one most in need. “To love God through love of neighbor”, your life was the faithful exemplification of that motto. “The joy of serving”, so much part of you with your relentless smile with which you faced even the most adverse moments of life. Today, heaven is celebrating because it received an angel, a warrior woman, a joyful woman, a kind woman, a woman of faith. Fly high dear friend, see you soon!

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