Our website is getting a makeover!

website makeover
As I write these lines, the snow and ice in Quebec City are melting under the sun. Spring will be at our doors in a few days with its promises of new life. For the Pius X Secular Institute, the time has also come to enter into a renewal process! As our motto so well indicates, we must “renew all things in Christ”! I

In a few months, the Pius X Secular Institute will undertake a great work of renewal by living its General Assembly. Since 2020, because of the pandemic, this gathering, which usually takes place every five years, has been postponed. The members of the preparation committee are working hard to gather “what the Spirit says to the churches” (Revelation 2:11). In a spirit of synodality, we are invited to walk together to better live the mission entrusted to us in the world and in the Church.

It is in this spirit of renewal that we want to revamp our website by modernizing it. If you are reading this, it is because you are already on our new website, currently available in three languages. Different sections are at your fingertips. There is an information section to help you get to know the Pius X Secular Institute better. Another section will present you with different news about our apostolic Family; it is also in this section that you will have access to this blog. Finally, three other sections will present our founder Father Henri Roy, the archives of the magazineJe Crois that marked our history as well as our apostolic works.

But the adventure does not stop there. In a few months, a section reserved for members of the Pius X Secular Institute will be created. We hope that this website will become a reference point for all the members of our Family and that each and everyone will find a wealth of information and resources to help them grow in their vocation of secular consecrated life.

Huge thanks toCaroline Mordan Gagnon fromLe Boxarts Marketing who guided us through this great project! Her collaboration and generosity were key to the success of this project! Thank you, Caroline! May the future give us the opportunity to share new projects soon! I

I let you visit this website. In the Contact page,you have all the details to communicate with us. It will be a pleasure to read you or to hear your comments.

The web and social networks are the new areopagus of the modern world. Just as Paul in Athens confronted an unknown world (cf. Acts 17), we are also invited to “go out”, “to the peripheries”.

(cf. Actes 17)

These expressions, so dear to Pope Francis, encourage us to develop our presence in these new media. May this website of the Pius X Secular Institute be a new incursion into these virtual lands that cry out – sometimes without knowing it or recognizing it – their need for Jesus Christ. This is why we are here: so that He may be better known, loved and served!

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