An Assembly To Be Totally Committed !

From June 19th to 24th, the Pius X Secular Institute held its General Assembly at the Maison du Renouveau in Quebec City, after having been postponed twice because of the pandemic. The Holy Spirit was present and the consecrated and associated members listened to Him to live this important moment in the life of the apostolic Family of the Institute.

The 200 members of the Pius X Secular Institute, present in 8 countries, were waiting for this moment of General Assembly in order to re-launch themselves in the mission, in a free and creative way. A long and serious preparation was done by a team to collect the wishes of the members for this Assembly. If at times during the last years, Covid seemed to want to control our lives, this meeting showed us that the Spirit always opens us unsuspected ways. Moreover, these days of General Assembly have clearly demonstrated that the Pius X Secular Institute still carries a powerful inner fire that invites us to live more faithfully and generously the mission… and that it is urgent!

After having been challenged by a day of spiritual retreat with Father Pierre-René Côté, the members undertook the work of the Assembly in a “hybrid” way – with both face-to-face and virtual participation. All of the international delegates – from Colombia, the United States and Guatemala – were present through the magic of technology, while the others met in Quebec City. Father Réjean Lessard brought his active listening and animation skills as moderator of the General Assembly and Mrs. Linda Boucher acted as secretary; translation was provided by Mrs. Mónica Garrido from Guatemala.

At the beginning of the General Assembly, the outgoing General Council reported on its activities and events during the last 7 years in the life of the Family. After accepting and adopting this report and the financial statements, the work of the Assembly continued with the election of the new General Council for the term 2022-2027. Father Marcel Caron was re-elected as Director General and will be accompanied in this task by the councillors Father Miguel Ángel Avendaño Toledo (Guatemala), Michel Paquet (Quebec), Aníbal Giovanni Ruíz Sánchez (Guatemala), Suzanne Guérard (Quebec) and the associate couple Guy Brodeur and Ginette Larose (Montreal).

Different issues were studied during this Assembly and were the object of resolutions: the presence of a consecrated woman in the General Council, communication within the Institute, formation, vocational culture, Family sharing, the elderly within the Institute, the establishment of a Pius X Secular Institute center in Guatemala. In addition, the Assembly adopted two important declarations on the Institute’s presence among young people and its commitment to migrants.

Through animated debates and sharing, the members were able to live this Assembly in an intense search for God’s will for the Pius X Secular Institute in the midst of the Church and the world. At the end, joy and Family spirit characterized this important meeting for the future of the Institute. The next years will allow all the members to welcome the inspiration of the Spirit and to commit themselves even more fully in order“to renew all things in Christ”.

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