An Author Still in Demand

For a number of years, Father André Daigneault has been experiencing health problems that have prevented him from having an active ministry. He currently resides at the Cardinal-Vachon Residence in Quebec City. At the age of 84, his condition is stable and he continues to receive friends who support him in this stage of his life.

Throughout his ministry as a layman and priest, Father André was recognized as an important preacher in French-speaking circles in Canada, the United States and Europe. He complemented this ministry of the Word by publishing more than ten books, including several collections of poetry. Some of his works have been published in other languages, notably Le chemin de l’imperfection translated into Czech and English.

In the last few days, the American publishing house In the Arms of Mary Foundation has translated and published in English the volume The Long Road to Serenity. Published almost 25 years ago, this book was a bestseller in bookstores and is still relevant today. This volume finds a second life in the language of Shakespeare.

Sometimes in the twilight of life, some people feel that their life no longer bears fruit. This is not the case for Father André Daigneault. His words – translated into a new language – will still be able to touch new readers and new generations. As Psalm 91 says: “They shall bear fruit even in old age; vigorous and sturdy shall they be. Declaring how just is the Lord, my Rock, in whom there is no wrong.”

You can rediscover some of Father André Daigneault’s works published in French by Les Éditions le Renouveau by calling 1-418-628-3445. Or, to purchase The Long Journey Toward Serenity, visit

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