Going International: A Grace to Live !

On September 24th, the members of the General Council accepted new consecrated candidates to undertake the formation that will lead them to a commitment within the Pius X Secular Institute. Moreover, two of them come from countries where no candidate or member was present until now!

This September 24th will remain marked in the annals of our apostolic Family, because one of the candidates opens us to a new continent: Africa! David Favor Lisboa works in a hospital in Mozambique. In welcoming David, all members are invited to make an extra effort to get to know this new culture and reality. Too often, Africa has seemed far away, unknown, mysterious. Suddenly, it is close!

As Pope Francis said in a message to participants in a Pan-African Catholic Congress on July 19, the people of this continent have so much to contribute: “During my visits to Africa, I have always been impressed by the faith and resilience of these peoples. As I commented during my trip to the Central African Republic in 2015, ‘Africa always surprises us’.” It is our Family’s desire to let the wind of the Spirit surprise us!

On the Latin American side, a new country is also added to the list where we have a presence. With Bredio Flórez, Panama will be able to discover the apostolic spirituality that inspires the members of our Family. Bredio, who works as a teacher, first met members of the Pius X Secular Institute more than three years ago during the World Youth Day in 2019. Since then, he has made a discernment that leads him today to ask for membership in our Family.

Finally, our presence in Nicaragua is increasing with the arrival of José Antonio Obando Obando who is pursuing studies in medicine. The political situation in the country has been tense for several months, but sometimes it is in these difficult situations that the Lord invites to a bold gift of self. There too, a prophetic spirit and a call to hope can be expressed. The witness of life becomes a beacon in the night so that each one can continue to advance in this quest of justice and peace for all.

Becoming international is a grace to be welcomed and lived; this is how the charism of the Pius X Secular Institute continues to be more fully deployed! Of course, this brings its share of challenges; formation and accompaniment must adjust to new realities and new methods must be discovered and tried. Just as God’s call has touched the hearts of men and women in the most unexpected places, so every member and leader is called to commit themselves concretely to this accompaniment.

Welcome to David, Bredio and José Antonio! With us, you will be brothers on the road to make your contribution to the construction of a new world! May the Lord complete in each of you what he has begun so well!

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