Welcome to Quebec City for the Third American Congress

In December 2013, members of the Pius X Secular Institute present in Guatemala organized in Jalapa the first American Congress of the Pius X Secular Institute. The Family was taking its first steps in this Central American country... but the inner fire of its members and their thirst to better know the Institute were the launching point for this first Congress. The meeting had the objetive to deepen the knowledge of our Family's identity and mission and to gather together members from different countries.

During this first Congress, a decision was taken to renew the experience every two years. The region of Colombia in South America took up the challenge and organized the second edition of our American Congress in December 2015. It was quite a success with participants for Canada, the United States, Guatemala and Colombia!

It is now Canada’s turn to organize this experience in North America.


The 3rd American Congress of the Pius X Secular Institute will allow us to realize how the mission is lived with different cultural accents, to discern the “walking together” that these accents require and to act concretely so as to better live the mission as we follow Jesus! .


So mark your calendars as we are called to gather at the Maison du Renouveau! Reserve on your schedule the weekend of December 8 – 9- 10, 2017. It’s a unique occasion to live a time of encounter, to share moments of formation and to deepen our commitment to the mission. Of course, it will be a place to get a hands-on knowledge of the different accents of our Family that is becoming more and more international.

“My Parish is the World!”

Father Henri Roy

founder of the Institute, May this 3rd American Congress allow us to abundantly sow the Gospel so that Jesus may be better known, loved and served! Marcel Caron, ispx

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